Coming this spring: “The Word Unleashed”

Well, it’s semi-official – Jeff Gerke announced on the Lost Genre Guild blog that he has two of the three titles lined up for the April 2010 release from Marcher Lord Press (click here for his full announcement.)  One of those is by yours truly – “The Word Unleashed,” Book 2 of The Face of the Deep series. The other is Jill Williamson’s “To Darkness Fled,” her second book and sequel to “By Darkness Hid.” The third is a yet-to-be announced winner of the Marcher Lord Select contest (click here for more info.)

I’ve got some final chapter work to do before Jeff gets his hands on Book 2, mostly to make it jive with Book 1. As you may or may not know, the two books are actually part of the same manuscript – originally called “Commissioned” that I submitted to Jeff in the spring of ’09. He liked it but wanted it split in half.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at the tentative cover for Book 2. Sweet!


3 thoughts on “Coming this spring: “The Word Unleashed”

  1. Cover sort of has a Christmas thing going on, doesn’t it? Regardless, I think I like it even more than the last one.

    Let me guess…you’re adding more desription to your manuscript…

  2. Ah, I wouldn’t want a Tiu scout for Christmas… decent acceleration but not much on defenses … Thanks! I think it’s rockin’.

    Yeah, I’ve got some more description (how’d you guess?) but mostly it’s expanding some chapters, deleting other content and generally making things jive with Book 1.

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