Looking for the next one

I’m anxiously awaiting publisher Jeff Gerke’s edited version of “The Word Unleashed.” Once we get that squared away, it will be ready to go for the April release. In the meantime, I’m mulling plans for a third one. So far I’ve got a rough outline and character sketches for a novel based on the “Rescued” short story. We shall see how it all fleshes out …


2 thoughts on “Looking for the next one

  1. Your two books, THIS STIRRING STRIFE and THE WORD RECLAIMED, are my initial encounter into this type of literature. I am an avid reader and thoroughly enjoyed both books. I hope that Caleb and Joel were able to rescue Gina and I know that Hastent made the right decision. THE WORD had me glued to the pages a good deal of the time. I couldn’t stop in the middle of a chapter; I had to see the action through. I want to congratulate you and praise the wonderful gift that you have been given. The ability to imagine and then put those imaginings into words is an incredible feat. God bless you, Carrie and the boys.

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