Third book in the works

So, if you haven’t followed my postings on Facebook, you might not realize I’m working on a third book. Yup. It’s done, and now entering the editing stages. Took me about 10 months to write it!

It is set about 2 years after the events of the second book, The Word Unleashed, and explores what life is like in the galaxy after those pivotal events. Action centers around the crew of the Rescue Corps frigate HMRC Weskeag as they respond to an emergency call that could have disastrous ramifications. Rescue Corps is like the Coast Guard of space — check out the link to “Rescued” at right to find out more about some of the main characters for the new book.

This new book may be out next fall. Fingers crossed and pray!

4 thoughts on “Third book in the works

  1. Well… no cover art yet. It’s very early. But the Brian Gaudette character in “Rescued” is the main character. The working title is “Broken Sight,” but it’s not final. Let’s just say it involves a few characters from The Word Reclaimed and The Word Unleashed, plus a starship full of new ones …

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