The third book and more

Pre-order time is over!

Come on over to Marcher Lord Press to get Broken Sight, my newest novel. It takes place two years after the conclusion of The Word Reclaimed and The Word Unleashed.

There’s also four new releases that look excellent. You can get them at

Here’s the teaser for Broken Sight:

The dark days are over.

The secret religious police, Kesek, no longer hold sway over the Realm of Five. Freedom of belief is returned. Now Lieutenant Commander Brian Gaudette of Rescue Operations doesn’t have to hide his own beliefs – and he can read his Bible in peace.

Too bad he doesn’t even want to look at it most days.

He has a new, state-of-the-art starship ready for its maiden cruise – but the first officer is an ex-pirate and the crew fight over suddenly legal religious differences. The Crown Marshals want their people aboard to hunt down Kesek’s remnants. His wife has taken his daughter away for fear of his beliefs.

And Brian has to wonder whether his God — who never seems to be around — will ever give him a straight answer.

When he answers a distress call on a remote planet, Brian will find his faith and duty challenged in ways for which he thinks he is unprepared.

Because Kesek is not gone. They are biding their time. And they have found a weapon that can threaten the balance of power in the galaxy …

3 thoughts on “The third book and more

    1. Yes it will, but that usually takes a while after the book is uploaded. Not sure on the date but it will be available on Kindle and Nook. Thanks!

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