The Winners Announced

Congratulations are in order for James A. Nichols and Alex McGilvery — their names were drawn from among the  reviews of Broken Sight to receive a copy of “The Art of the Face of the Deep,” a collection of sketches and designs based on my series of science fiction books. I’ll be mailing out the book to them later on this week.

In other news, get yourselves on over to Marcher Lord Press for the newest releases of books. I highly recommend giving Failstate and Daughter of Light a try…


3 thoughts on “The Winners Announced

  1. So is there any way for anyone to get a hold on “The Art of the Face of the Deep” now? I don’t suppose you could self publish it online somewhere for the nerdy fans who adore concept art…
    Some of us just live in hopes.

  2. Cuz, you know. I would buy it. So.
    Saving for my own copy of Broken Sight! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  3. Camita,
    Sorry I didn’t get back to your original comment. I’m considering either posting some of the artwork here on online or having more copies of the art book. It’s kind of taken a back seat to my current projects, but rest assured, it’s on my radar! Thanks.

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