Brainstorming Part II…the Story

Promised, didn’t I?

You really should check out Marcher Lord Press author John Otte‘s second portion of the MLP collaborative story. His take on the story is fantastic!

Anyway, I opted for something simple — a quest to steal something from a bad guy. What kind of item? Something evil, hencethe justification for our heroes to steal it.

The first thing that popped into my head was Crystal of Darkness. I’ve heard it used before in video games and elsewhere, as a generic evil thingy. It always had such a nice ring to it that I couldn’t resist.

Where does the quest start? In a tavern, where else? Like the Prancing Pony in LOTR, the Rancid Boar is a great place to plan a heist–noisy, dirty and just plain unsavory. You can hide your business there.

Now the story is in the hands of my fellow MLP authors. I can’t wait to see what they do with it as we work together on this quest–and I’d better pay close attention if it’s ever my turn to write some of it again!

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