Why my brother is awesome

OK, so there’s not a lot of writing to go with his post. Mostly pictures.

This year my brother went to ComicCon with his wife, both in full Avengers costume. They do a great job on their outfits. Here’s the link. Anyways, he always grabs me some swag since I live in northeastern Wyoming, which is geographically the farthest point from ComicCon no matter in which location ComicCon takes place. It is a universal constant.

The promised box arrived yesterday, with the following goodies from NYC and from our homeland of southern New Jersey:

This is why my brother Dave is my hero…

– DVD set of “C.O.P.S.” episodes, 1988-1989

– DC Heroclix Green Lantern figure

– Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire book soundtrack (yes, kids, that’s a cassette tape)

– Joss Whedon comic two-fer of a Han Solo story on one side and Malcolm Reynolds/Serenity on the other (Seriously could not be any better, unless the two characters met)

– a 1951 sci-fi book about traveling to the moon

– Edgewood Regional Senior High School marching band booster cookbook (glory days, such as they were)

Dave’s love of comic books and popular culture is actually the reason my elementary age boys play Heroclix. Dave introduced myself and my wife to the game back in 2002. We put it away for a few years, but I pulled the pieces out about two years ago. The boys love it, and we have fun (if somewhat intense and oftentimes cranky) games. I’m proud to say they can now accurately name a plethora of superheroes and explain their powers.

Such is the wonder of family.

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