A Christmas story

It might not seem it, but Broken Sight, my third sci-fi book set in the Face of the Deep story universe, is aBroken-Sight-Front-Cover-Final Christmas story of sorts. The action takes place leading up to and during the holiday, and remarks briefly on how the holiday and its true meaning have been sublimated by secular culture. At one point, the starship’s navigator talks with the first officer (a former and somewhat reformed pilot) about those differences. I was thinking about that connection this weekend, as we set up our Christmas tree at home and as I had a book signing at a local event.

I had a great time at the Christmas bazaar in a downtown building of Buffalo, Wyoming, this past Saturday. Those of use who’d rented tables were there pretty much all day, and it was nice to get to meet new people. I also got to talk to many who were interested in my books, and glad to see scifi and fantasy done from a Christian perspective (kudos to you, Marcher Lord Press!)

The whole thing made me thankful to live in a community with wonderful fellow believers — especially those who have such excellent taste in fiction (wink wink).


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