“You shaved off your soup-catcher!”

(Leave the answer in the comments if you recognize that quote.)

There’s several pix of me circulating in cyberspace, between Facebook and Google search results, that show me both with and sans whiskers. I did indeed had a beard for the better part of a year (October 2011 through August 2012) until it fully transitioned from itchy nuisance to cool accessory back to nuisance.

I grew a beard during October to prepare for our annual library auction, when we were all supposed to arrive wearing the garb of our favorite travel destination. Lacking better alternatives I put together a Polish Army colonel’s uniform. As you can ascertain from the photo, it was awesome.IMG_4645

It took some getting used to, especially since I’d never had a beard before. But it wasn’t difficult to achieve, since I shave every morning and by 5 o’clock I do indeed have a prickly shadow.

Reception? By boys thought it was strange for a while, but then they got used to it. They thought it was hysterical to look at pix from a year ago and say “Who is that stranger? You look like a stranger!” Cut-ups, aren’t they?

Co-workers were suitably impressed. Either that or they faked it well. As for my wife, well, she thought I looked good. Didn’t think it felt all that great but then again, I’m not sure I’d want to kiss me if I had a beard. (Well, that just sounds wrong.)

Long and short of it, sometime in late August when the weather turned really sweaty I decided to rid myself of the thing. Deciding factors?

1. It’s a pain to put on sunscreen to go to the Jersey shore when you’ve got hair on the bottom half of your face.

2. I got tired of having to check my face for lunch debris after my break. Every. Single. Day.

3. Kissing is better without a beard, says I.

Those were pretty much all the reasons I needed. Now I’m off to update the WordPress pic.

And yes, this is why Winchell Sark in Crosswind has a beard.


One thought on ““You shaved off your soup-catcher!”

  1. Said by Malcolm Reynolds to Monty Reynolds on episode 13 of the television series ‘Firefly.’ The episode was titled ‘Trash’ and featured the second apparence of Christina Hendricks as Saffron.

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