Setting up for ‘Sandstorm’

Here’s a few images I used as I was working on Sandstorm (working title only) the sequel to Crosswind. There’s a new batch of bad guys in store for the heroic brothers Winchell and Copernicus Sark, and a new adventure that takes them to a distant land far different than their home mountains. Let me say this: Photoshop is a marvelous invention (though my former boss would have likely said “Witchcraft!” if he could see the things available these days.) I had a great deal of fun finding vintage weapon images and chopping them up to piece into the drawing of the bad guys.

Oh, and one of the images is not my creation (obviously). But it does give you an idea of how Cope gets around in a new city with his girl — although technically, I should say how she gets around with him, since she’s the one who drives.viriato's gangClyno_5-6_3_speed_750_cc_1912elbrazo done



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