“Sandstorm” Update — Cover art sneak peek

I got the email the other day that I’ve been awaiting with much patience for a month or so. Well, I bet to other people I seem patient. But I’m actually as fidgety as my oldest son at the dinner table (“Put you legs down.” “Sit up, please.” “OK, stop wiggling!!”)

Keith Thompson, the talented illustrator who did the outstanding cover image of Winchell and Copernicus Sark for Crosswind, sent me the preliminary artwork for Sandstorm. Behold the awesomeness:


It’s a perfect rendition of the scene I had constructed in my head. You’ve got Copernicus Sark, hotshot pilot and one of the heros of Crosswind, riding the backside of an “endurocycle” (steam-powered motorcycle from the Sark brothers story world). He’s firing at unseen pursuers who are coming pretty close to hitting him, as you can see by the bullet traces at right. The driver is Daisy Axford, one of Perch‘s aerial defenders from Crosswind and long-time friend of Cope’s. Their relationship is a great deal more involved this time around.

So it’s less that four months out from publication, but Sandstorm: The Second Sark Brothers Tale is shaping up nicely. Thanks again to Keith for his fantastic work!


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