Works in “Progress”

OK, so I have progress in quotes because as I paraphrase Superman in one of my favorite Youtube videos, “That is a debatable definition of progress.” Meaning, I have four projects I’m juggling right now so it’s anybody’s guess when they’ll be done. But for humor’s sake, let’s take a look at them in order of my likelihood of finishing them anytime soon:

Firefall: The Third Sark Brothers Tale

I’ve kind of taken a break from this one, which is about a third of the way done. Winch and Cope are pressed into service to find an eminent scientist who has been kidnapped. They’re thrust into a world of spies and sabotaged steamships in the great northern city of Mintannic, and find a new ally from an unlikely source. Meanwhile Winch’s wife Lysanne and newspaper editor Gil Davies must solve the puzzle of the new plague that’s striking down the men of Perch.

From Away: A Tale of Alien Occupation

The crew from the “Uplifted” project

This one is a kind of fun experiment for me. It’s an alternate history set in the modern day, based on the following premise: What if an alien federation came to Earth in 2001 and set up shop so they could use a natural hyperspace-type portal between Earth and Moon as part of their transport network? They have rules like the UFP in Star Trek so instead of invading, they are basically leasing our solar system. The main character is a guy who specializes in stolen art recovery and is a lapsed Christian who, like many others, has his faith left in tatters by the mere fact that aliens wandering our streets are now commonplace.


Writing the Marcher Lord Press collaborative story in the summer of 2012 But Who Would Be Dumb Enough To Even Try It? gave me a taste for fantasy. I came up with the idea for Uplifted at Christmas, when I envisioned a world in which most of the people lived on floating islands. Anyway, the main character and the crew of his cloud ship are hunting the pieces of a relic of mysterious power. And yes, the idea for cloud ships was 100 percent derived from the excellent vessels portrayed in the Three Musketeers (which is a fun movie to watch if you don’t take it seriously.)

The image at right comes courtes of the awesome HeroMachine 3 website and Photoshop fiddling.

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