‘Sandstorm’ approaches — Countdown 19 Days

That’s right, folks, less than three weeks until Sandstorm: The Second Sark Brothers Tale gets published by Marcher Lord Press on August 1.

Wait, what? You haven’t read Crosswind: The First Sark Brothers Tale yet? Really?

Well, phooey. You really should. Check out the peek inside on Amazon, and you can get your copy at MLP’s bookstore.

Anyways, here’s the completed cover.


Why’s Daisy Axford driving an enduro-cycle? Why’s Cope Sark shooting off the back? Well, you’ll have to hold your breath and wait to see. Suffice it to say there’s aerial warships, chases through an exotic city, ancient tombs and a powerful relic, old adversaries and new friends. Oh, yes, and an actual sandstorm.

I’m deep into editing the manuscript as we speak, while on vacation at Ocean City, NJ. And yes, I am actually working.

Stay tuned…




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