‘Sandstorm’ is here — Also, really big birds

Sandstorm: The Second Sark Brothers Tale is finally here and available in a whole bunch of formats. You can get your hands on the print copy and a e-book versions through our beloved Marcher Lord Press bookstore. Or, if you prefer to get your e-books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, here’s links to both of those:  Amazon Kindle      B&N Nook

In the meantime I’ll leave you with some images of the new creatures introduced in Sandstorm. I wanted the desert dwellers to ride on very different animals than the branters I created for Crosswind, yet I wanted to continue include Ice Age-era critters like also did in that book. Inspiration struck a while back when I was at the Washakie Museum & Cultural Center in Worland, Wyoming, just an 80-mile jaunt from my current home. They had a great skeleton of a dromornis:IMG_3860

That made me hunt down an artist’s rendition, and Wikipedia obliged:


So now I had the desert equivalent of a horse. After all, guys ride ostriches, right?

But I needed something big, too. More of a beast of burden rather than a single-rider creature. That’s when I came across gigantoraptor, which apparently was a really, really big feathered prehistoric critter.Gigantoraptor_BW[1]

Totally awesome. And much larger than a man.

Anyways, that’s how I get some of my brainstorms. Later I’ll get in to the real aircraft that got my imagination working for Sandstorm.

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