Door to Door Walking Dead

Got a laugh out of this yesterday. I was going to work the afternoon/evening shift at the library so during lunch before I went in I got caught up on my favorite show … that would be Walking Dead. Well, it’s not my absolute favorite but it’s right up there with NCIS and Castle and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Anyway, about halfway through the latest episode the doorbell rings.

There’s two Jehovah’s Witnesses on the porch. Nice older gentlemen. One does all the talking — his hair is whiter than the other guy’s so I assume he has seniority. Hands me a tract and makes no sales pitch, only invites me to look up the verses in my Bible. I thank him and as they leave, I read the cover:


Now, I know they’re talking about the Resurrection of the body. But it creeped me out because I was watching a very different resurrection on TV that had nothing to do with heavenly existence. In fact it’s the antithesis. Walking Dead portrays a world that is a living hell. Literally. The souls are gone but bodies live on.

It was sobering to see. And a reminder of mortality that all people face. But it also reminded me of the grace of God given to all.

I hang on to that tract. Just in case.


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