Cold is just cold

I grew up in New Jersey, so this whole dealing with bitter cold temperatures in winter is new. My dad was telling me a couple weeks ago that the local South Jersey news warned of a winter chill coming on — with temps as low as 32.

Yeah, they’ve got nothing on Wyoming. It’s been in the single digits and negative temps since Tuesday. And we’re not supposed to break the 10 degree mark until Sunday. Maybe.

While I was on the phone during a work break with Vox Day, co-author of Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted, I spotted this paperback book on the shelves in our library’s staff room:


Ice! was about a global ice apocalypse, and predated the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” by about three decades. I took it home later and breezed through it that night. Won’t lie, I skipped massive parts — especially when the main characters talk at length about how society is fragile, civilization could fall apart at any moment, blah blah blah…

I gave the book 3 stars on Goodreads. Not a bad book, but not the best either. I found the twist at the end intriguing but overall the book was too depressing. Yes, it’s about the end of the world but there has to be some silver lining at the end of the story for me. The good guys have to “win.” At least in a small way.

Just…don’t finish out the dark and gloomy last chapters when its -10 outside and you hear the wind making your house creak. Because it sounds a helluva  lot like the glaciers cracking their way through Times Square.

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