Change in publisher

My publisher, Marcher Lord Press, has a new owner. As of Jan. 1 Steve Laube, veteran literary agent and supporter of all things Christian sci-fi and fantasy, is the new boss. I’m excited to see what Steve has in mind for the publishing house and wish Jeff Gerke, our founder and former intrepid leader, the best in his new endeavors.

As you may have read at Vox Popoli, the Quantum Mortis books will be unavailable for a short time. The new incarnation of Marcher Lord Press has turned over the rights to the authors and as Vox points out, “I have reacquired all the publishing rights to the Selenoth and Quantum Mortis books and will be re-releasing them through the publishing arm of Alpenwolf. Alpenwolf will continue to release hardcovers as well as ebooks and the books will continue to feature covers from the two artists who provided the six existing covers, JartStar and Kirk DuPounce.”

So the links I have here will not function, until such time as the books are up and running at Alpenwolf. However, it appears the hardcover of  Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted is still available, at least for the time being:

All of my other books are still available both from the MLP site and on Amazon, so feel free to get those!

Apologies for any inconvenience and thanks to the many readers who have already made A Man Disrupted and Gravity Kills a success. Rest assured there will be a second QM later this year. Enjoy 2014.

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