Castalia House and Quantum Mortis

After a hiatus of a month, the Quantum Mortis titles are returning to availability. Vox Day has more to say about that, and the new publisher Castalia House who gained the rights from Marcher Lord Press:

My link to Gravity Kills is now back on, but you’ll notice that A Man Disrupted is still in need of fixing. I still highly recommend getting GK because it’s a good intro into the world of Chief Warrant Officer Graven Tower, MCID, and his augment/AI partner Baby.

Meanwhile I’ve finished off a 75,000 word fantasy story tentatively called The Bloodheart, which I started with a single piece of concept art on New Year’s Day 2013. It was satisfying to complete it almost exactly one year later. Now I’m diving back into QM 2, which is about 38,000 words (or roughly halfway) through the draft I’ll be turning in to Vox.

Oh, there’s also a superhero story in the early stages. Very early. That means I get to draw maps. And as anyone who’s ever traveled with me knows, I think maps of any kind are fantastic.

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