‘Quantum Mortis’ by Any Other Name

My Quantum Mortis co-author Vox Day has been busy signing up intrepid readers across the world to translate the current series into various languages. Most recently Gravity Kill‘s Portuguese translation hit the market. It’s free today, I should mention.

You can find the entire list of translated books at Castalia House. There’s currently 25 translations of several titles Highlights include:

French: QUANTUM MORTIS Un Homme Démoli

Finnish: QUANTUM MORTIS Hajonnut mies

Spanish: QUANTUM MORTIS Un Hombre Disperso

Portuguese: QUANTUM MORTIS Un Homem Desintegrado

Reading a book in a foreign language is not something I’ve tried. Closest I came was reading short paragraphs in the Italian and Spanish courses I took in high school, and again in college. I’m considering giving it a whirl.

While my books with Vox are available from Castalia in epub format and in Amazon Kindle format, they aren’t yet available in print. However the Marcher Lord Press (newly renamed Enclave Publishing) books are available in all three. 

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