“Crosswind” giveaway

Crosswind-CoverJust in time for the holidays, I’ve got a new giveaway going on at Goodreads, courtesy of my publisher, Enclave Publishing. Follow the Goodreads link and put your name in the virtual hat for a copy of Crosswind: The First Sark Brothers TaleThe link went active this morning and there’s already 15 people requesting.

The drawing finishes up midnight, Dec. 1, so you’ve got time to get someone an excellent read for Christmas… or a stocking stuffer for yourself. Be advised, it’s a 400-plus page novel, so you’re gonna need a bigger stocking.

For those of you unfamiliar with Crosswind, it and its sequel Sandstorm were my forays into steampunk, set in a fantasy version of Earth in which the coming of Christ took on a very different form. You can read about the making of Crosswind in my past posts. But here’s the blurb:

It’s been almost five hundred years since the collapse of the Great Commonwealth. The plagues left folk few and far between. City-states rule the continent of Galderica. There’s coin to be had in trade— whether you take your wares by aeroplane or ride them over the rails.

Winchell Sark has a fine life as a reporter for the Perch Advocate newspaper, a good family at home and a faith that seems downright peculiar to most everyone else. So when he is called out to investigate a biplane crash at the foot of Perch, the finest center of aviation in the Sawtooth Mountains, he doesn’t think much of it.

But there are dark powers at work—powers that have their eye on Perch. Powers that mankind long thought consigned to the trash heap of mythology. ’Cept they were wrong.

It’s up to Winch and his brother, Copernicus, a hotshot pilot, to save their people—and it ain’t going to be easy.

On the next three Fridays, prior to the giveaway’s deadline, I’ll post excerpts from the story focusing on the brothers Winch and Cope. Stay sharp.

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