Red Horse arrives

Riding the Red Horse is now available from Castalia House, both on their website and Amazon. It’s gotten some fine reviews, and the biggest excitement for me is being published alongside authors such as Tom Kratman and John C. Wright. And of course, the big spoiler is that none other than Jerry Pournelle is featured in the anthology.

he short fiction I wrote for this compilation is called Turncoat and follows the adventure of a self-aware machine intelligence that is caught in the middle of a burgeoning galactic war. It takes place in the Quantum Mortis universe several centuries prior to MCID Chief Warrant Officer Graven Tower’s cases in A Man Disrupted and Gravity Killsand not long after the tale of spy vs. spy Vox penned in A Programmed Mind

Like I said, you can get it both at Castalia and Amazon, whatever your pleasure.

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