Mile marker

Reaching certain stages of a work in progress resonates with me. I find that keeping track of word count or page count provides a tangible reassurance that yes, I am nearing the completion of a project.

That’s the case with my superhero novel, tentatively entitled Airfoil: Origins.

Last spring, I wrote a two page prologue that finds the hero in media res with the supervillain of the story. It’s meant to give a snippet of action, showing the hero’s developed potential, before I dive into the how of his superhero journey.

Today, while working in the last few chapters of the book, I came full circle to that part of the story, where the reader catches up with the prologue. It was satisfying, both to know that the end of the story is near and to see that the action ties back in nicely with the beginning of the story.

I don’t have an approximate release date for Airfoil: Origins. I am aiming to get it to my publisher by the end of March, give or take, but since there’s no firm agreement in place, nor is there a contract binding me to a deadline, it’s low pressure.

I’ll it at that with some art I cooked up while sketching from graphic novels, coloring in Photoshop and finding generic backgrounds to combine into action scenes.????????airfoil in flight 1brandon overlook 1 final


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