Meet Frank

Continuing my sketching projects, I give you Frank Belasco, mentor and trainer for the main character in my recently completed superhero manuscript. Here’s an excerpt from Frank’s first appearance, as narrated by the hero, Brandon:

The light’s red on our end. Green for the crossing lanes. There’s a white Prius coming from the left and a green Mercury sedan from the right.

Frank arrows us right toward their center.

A silver Suburban comes racing up behind the Prius. I brace my hands on the dash, and get a glimpse of a man with dark sunglasses leaning out his passenger side window, something black in his hands. My librarian’s brain classifies it as an Uzi.

Frank barrels through the cars, tires screeching. Horns explode on all sides of us. The Uzi chatters, cutting over the sounds of drivers yelling and vehicles swerving. He glances sideways, long enough to fire five shots from his gun.

The windshield of the Suburban explodes. It sideswipes the front end of the Mercury, barely missing our bumper as we streak through the mess. Can’t see what happens to the Prius.

frank belasco FINAL


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