Putting pen to paper

Time for a writing update.

I’ve been fairly quiet when it comes to the Internet, because I’ve spent the bulk of my writing time on the novels in progress. To say I’ve had a productive 365 days — make that 425 days, because I’m counting from last February — is an understatement.

– February 2014 – Finished The Bloodheart, a 70,000 word fantasy novel

– May 2014 – Finished a rough draft of a second Quantum Mortis novel, 74,000 words

– July 2014 – Finished For Us Humans, a 96,000 word sci-fi novel

– August 2014 – Wrote Turncoat, a 5,000 word sci-fi short story (published in December 2014 in Riding the Red Horse by Castalia House and nominated this spring for a Hugo Award for Best Short Story)

– April 2015 – Finished Airfoil Origins, a 150,000 word superhero novel

Whew! After all that, much of the rest of my work has been editing said projects. Okay, it’s not all editing. I tried to set aside Airfoil because I told myself it would be best to let it sit a spell before I leapt into a sequel. That didn’t work. I missed the characters and the adventure immediately, so I’ve put together about 8,000 words over the past few weeks.

I’m also doing some writing for an online gaming project, creating fictional back story at 3,000 words or so a pop. I finished one section a couple weeks ago and have now started on a second.

All this writing took a backseat to a half-week Computers in Libraries national conference in Washington, D.C., the past few days. Best part about going to a giant conference in a large city? (Besides the conference, of course, which gave me a thousand ideas for improving and altering things at our library.) Answer: bookstores. There were three bookstores and a comic book store within six blocks of our hotel. I stopped at every one. Heaven!


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