‘The Bloodheart’ Update

I must say, my favorite part of self-publishing a book is getting the proof copy in the mail. It arrived this afternoon, about 24 hours earlier than expected, which is also a bonus.


The Bloodheart will be available within the next month, though I have yet to set a date. We have a family vacation coming up at the beginning of July, so it’s more a matter of whether or not I want to deal with the release in the weeks prior or the weeks after. Good thing is, I have no deadline.

Special thanks to Kirk DouPonce of DogEared Design for the cover. It’s simply fantastic.

I’ll add a page about The Bloodheart, complete with its map of the Cities of the North, posted here soon. Meanwhile here’s the back cover promo:

The world is gripped by magic. Islands soar. Ships fly.

And whispers abound: the Bloodheart.

Long has it remained dormant, hidden from the dark forces that would tap its power.


Bowen Cord seeks only treasure, and despises his heritage as an ice-summoner. Magic could not prevent his wife’s death. What allegiance, then, should he owe it?

When he learns of a priceless relic abandoned in the ruins of a floating island, he leaps at the chance to earn a fortune. Small matter to take with him an orphan boy who hails from the same isle—yet the boy is a mystery, and from their first meeting Bowen knows not whether his presence is a boon or a curse.

But when a king’s ruthless agent pursues them, threatening his stalwart crew and ship, Bowen is thrown into a quest for something far greater than treasure. He must harness the ice and confront enemies far more powerful than any he’s ever faced.

There is no return from his path. It ends only with the answer to one question:

Who controls magic?

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