‘Bloodheart’ takes flight

It’s here! The Bloodheart is available in e-book form from AmazonBloodHeart_3D

The paperback version is online, too, from Amazon and in the CreateSpace e-store.

It’s been an interesting journey from vague concept to flesh-and-blood adventure. I wrote The Bloodheart in between working on a couple of other projects, and have amassed fond memories of writing key scenes while on work-related road trips and family vacations. Discussing plot elements with a friend was also a highlight.

I should admit that there’s a special bonus for readers who buy the paperback: an afterword that describes the genesis of The Bloodheart, and the original piece of art I drew two and a half years ago that inspired the entire book. Don’t get me wrong, I think e-books are amazing technology, but I’ve always been partial to the real deal.


(And an alert for readers who squirm at profanity: this is not an explicitly Christian novel, meaning, it would not fit in with the CBA publishing “rules.” As such, there are occurrences of mild profanity, and at least one strong expletive. Let’s call it rated PG-13 vs. the rest of my work, excepting Quantum Mortis, which fits rated R.)


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