Back to space opera

MarcherLordShip_NATALIA_ZOJALately I’ve returned to the realm of deep space for my science fiction, inspired by the short fiction I’ve been commissioned to write. My most recent projects include a smattering of short stories and what I term encyclopedia entries for the Takamo Universe, an online game that’s reviving the play-by-mail game from the 1980s of the same name. It’s been great fun, having been given free reign to create nations and characters for inclusion in this massive galaxy.

The Takamo Universe creators posted a two part short story, Patrol Craft 606, on their site. It deals with a military unit from the nomad nation of Albion, the origins of which I wrote back in May. Very much enjoyed the quick write on these, and look forward to adding more to this sci-fi universe.

You can take a peek at Part One and Part Two for a quick read.

The same projects also prodded me to do something I’d been pondering for a couple years now: a return to the galaxy described in The Face of the Deep books and Broken SightSo I dug up story ideas and half-finished character sketches, balled them together, and presto! Five chapters and nearly 20,000 words later, the followup has begun. No idea yet on a title, but it takes place 10 years after the events of The Word Reclaimed and The Word UnleashedYou’ll meet new characters and revisit old favorites (of mine, and possibly yours) on an adventure that once again spans the galaxy.

No ETA on this one. I’m editing For Us Humans, the alien art theft project as I call it, and also the Airfoil superhero novel. It’s anybody’s guess as to what will get done first, but I’m betting the alien one gets into print before the rest.


One thought on “Back to space opera

  1. I can’t wait for these. I loved the Face of the Deep series. The other two sound interesting as well. I am a huge fan.

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