Word count update: Stories abound

airfoil in flight 1For a while this spring I assumed I’d only have one project going: namely, the sequel to the superhero novel Airfoil which I finished in April. But the ideas bursting out of my head always have other plans.

So I decided to just roll with whatever project strikes my fancy, whenever I get ideas for them. It’s resulted in my having written approximately 63,000 words on five different things between mid-April and now. A summary:

  1. FOTD IV – 26,000 words or about 100 pages – I know, it’s a big clunky acronym, but it’s the placeholder I’m using for the follow up to The Word ReclaimedThe Word Unleashed, and Broken Sight (making it technically Face of the Deep Four). This one features a surveyor named Zarco Thread and his ace pilot and wife, Ria. Of course, many of the characters from the old series will reappear and figure centrally in the plot.
  2. Airfoil: Masks – 12,000 words or 48 pages – The sequel picks up a few months after the finale of Airfoil:Origins and has librarian-turned-superhero Brandon Tusk grappling with some huge problems and some big enemies. Plus, there’s hints his high-profile crimefighting has spawned imitators.
  3. Bounty Hunter – 1,100 words – This is an idea I got this week: a sci-fi story set in the same universe as For Us Humans (the as-yet-unpublished tale of aliens and art theft.) The goal is a quick, action-packed novella about a bounty hunter named Lee Vitagliano and his adventures in the interstellar Consociation, where humans are decidedly at the bottom of the social and legal food chain.
  4. Bloodheart 2 – 2,200 word – Yes, you read correctly. There will be a sequel to The Bloodheart.

Math geniuses out there may have noticed this count is 20,000 words short of 63,000. That’s because the missing amount is wrapped up in six short fiction pieces I wrote for the Takamo Universe online game, which I mentioned couple weeks ago. Some have been featured on their website, and others stored as encyclopedia entries. I’m due to produce a short story again, marking my seventh contribution, sometime this month.


Stay tuned for more news regarding the Hugo Awards and all their infamy.


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