#giantstevehead: A podcast

Giant what?

Yeah, I know.

Back a while ago I recorded a two-part podcast with Daniel Thompson of The Very Serious Writing Show, and it turned out great. We had a blast discussing all things sci fi and fantasy, and the ins and outs of writing.

The odd hashtag? Well, when SoundCloud put up the podcast, they made my author photo…abnormally large. Giant-sized. I, of course, find it amusing.

Here’s the two pieces that went live yesterday and this morning:

As you can tell from the URLs, it’s a conversation that touches on a wide variety of topics, dealing with both my published novels and projects underway.

Speaking of the latter, The Word Endangered topped 80,000 words and 300 pages the other day. The goal is to finish the rough draft by the end of November and edit the book in December. Fingers crossed!


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