The end

TWE sketch 2015
This early sketch from the story’s genesis this spring was a scene I couldn’t erase from my head: the hero, alone on a new world, comes across the wreck of a starship.

The past few months have been, from a writing standpoint, arduous.

I’ve held myself to a challenge to write at least 5 pages every day and, by and large, I’ve done so. There’s been days where I’ve pounded out far more, and a few days missed.

Today, I finished the first draft of The Word Endangered, the direct follow-up to The Word Reclaimed and The Word Unleashed, taking place ten years later.

The total is thus: since Sep. 1, I’ve written 111,192 words, or almost 433 pages, bringing the total word count to 137,856.

This is the most productive I’ve ever been on a project, even taking short stories and flash fiction into account. What’s most exciting to me is wrapping up the journey my heroes and villains have taken, and getting to see the changes their experiences have wrought.

Bear with me as I decompress over the next few days, and I’ll have an updated summary/back cover blurb for the book. For now, enjoy the sketch that provided inspiration over the months.


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