Interview at Leah’s Bookshelf

cazador for cover DONE.jpgI have a new interview up at the blog Leah’s Bookshelf. Leah had recently reviewed both The Word Reclaimed and The Word Unleashed, and I was more than happy to answer a few questions about The Face of the Deep and writing in general.

To update a few things that may or may not be mentioned in the interview, I received the macro edited version of The Word Endangered manuscript last week. It’s due back to my editor, Reagen Reed, by Jan. 24. And it will be done. Promise! Reagen has a great eye for logic errors and plot holes.

In other news, I’ve finished editing For Us Humans — again — and should have the InDesign document to Createspace and the cover info to Kirk DouPonce shortly. I’m aiming for a May release on that novel.

Another interesting development came up late this fall. Remember I’d been working up short stories in 2015 for the Takamo Universe game website that was under development? Well, I’m writing a novel for them to fill in some of the gaps of the universe history. Have to stay mum on the plot, but it’s a sci-fi story that should fit the bill nicely. It’s due in by the end of February, and I’m about a third of the way done.

Anything else?

Toying with some story concepts … oh, and writing a sequel to The Bloodheart, called The Lightningfall.

So, yes, busy and content to be so.


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