Proofing and more proofing

The other day I wrapped up reviewing the proof copy of For Us Humans. I may have gotten carried away with the sticky notes.

After a couple days’ break, I’ll input the changes into the good old fashioned InDesign doc and get it all formatted again.

Reading one’s work aloud has a tremendous impact on catching errors and needed changes. I don’t recommend it when one has had a cold. My throat still hasn’t forgiven me.

What else is new? I turned in my draft novel for the Takamo Universe game site, tentatively titled Empire’s Rift. There’s going to be more news about that within the coming month, but for now mum’s the word.

As for writing, I took a break for a spell, which I figure is my prerogative after pounding out 200,000 words for two novels over the space of four months. It gave me time to do some more plotting and planning. Now I’ve started back on The Lightningfall, my sequel to The Bloodheart.

Stay tuned for more news about For Us Humans, which will be published in May.

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