It’s true. All of it.

The big news this summer is something I hadn’t foreseen a couple years ago- the fourth book in The Face of the Deep series releases July 15, and with it, a redone edition of the first three books, courtesy of Enclave Publishing.

The series began in 2009 with The Word Reclaimed. Baden Haczyk finds an outlawed book–the Bible–floating in space, and in deciding to keep it kicks off an interstellar adventure that culminates in huge upheaval in both the government and society of the Realm of Five in its sequel The Word Unleashed.

After Broken Sight was published in 2011, I honestly thought I’d never revisit the Face of the Deep universe. At the time I was ready to move on to other projects, to try my hand at creating new worlds.

When Marcher Lord Press became Enclave Publishing, and I spoke with Steve Laube about his desire for more science-fiction in the ranks, I told him I’d be glad to take another crack at space opera. By then the itch to return was growing, thanks in part to my sons, who read all three Face of the Deep books and bugged me for more.

Sometime in mid-April 2015 I dove back in, spurred on by the combination of some story ideas I’d had kicking around for a few years. Funnily enough, an online session of the Star Wars roleplaying game Edge of the Empire gave me the genesis of the main character—Zarco Thread, an explorer with a big heart. Writing went in fits and starts until my family and I went on vacation for two weeks. That’s when a trio of chapters poured forth, and I told myself, “Okay, we’re ready to roll.”

Flash forward to December, and the book was complete.

The Word Endangered, which I wrote last year, picks up the story 10 years later with surveyor Zarco and his crew as they investigate a mysterious shipwreck on a wild, unsettled planet.

The series got official numbering this time around – The Word Reclaimed is Book 1.0, The Word Unleashed is book 2.0, and  Broken Sight is Book 2.5. Why the half? Well, this novel takes place after the first two chronologically speaking, but doesn’t include the vast majority of the characters in the first set. It can actually stand on its own, though it fits within the wider realm of The Face of the Deep.

So stay tuned for more news about the books and their attendant release. Don’t forget, the good old original version of The Word Reclaimed is still free in e-book form.

Special thanks to Kirk DouPonce for working his magic with the new and updated covers.


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