A new space adventure

It’s official – there is a cover.


My next book is Empire’s Rift: A Takamo Universe Novel, and will be published by WordFire Press in late Fall. WordFire is owned by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta Anderson. If you don’t recognize the name, Kevin Anderson has a ton of titles to his name, perhaps most notably the expanded Dune universe with Brian Herbert, and the Jedi Academy Trilogy  from Star Wars Legends–one of my favorite sets from back in the 1990s.

Last year I started writing what could be termed encyclopedia entries for the Takamo Universe, a play by mail game now evolving into an online adventure. By the time last summer rolled around, I talked about in “Back to Space Opera” how I was writing short fiction. Well, they commissioned me to write a novel to kick off an expanded story world, and Empire’s Rift is it.

Then it got picked up by Kevin Anderson. So… wow. Exciting stuff!

I also will be attending the Salt Lake Comic Con to lend a hand at the WordFire booth. Double exciting!

Here’s the summary for Empire’s Rift. Stay tuned!

EMPIRE’S RIFT back cover



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