A Call for Reviews

3.0WordEndangeredNEWI’m looking for sci-fi fans to read and review The Word Endangered in preparation for the October 14 release of the paperback. Enclave Publishing has provided me copies, which I’ll mail to you–signed, of course–in exchange for a review.

Posting to Amazon and Goodreads is great. If you happen to be familiar with Christian Book Distributors, more’s the merrier.

Let me know if you’d prefer an electronic copy instead. Contact me and I’ll get you a copy to review in the mail as soon as I can.

WordReclaimedSpeaking of which, Enclave has put The Word Reclaimed up on NetGalley. I’m looking to get reviews of my first novel, in hopes of pushing the total up over 50 – whether or not that’s a magic number, I have no idea, but it’s a good goal in any case.

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