Kickstarter launch for Takamo Universe

Well folks, it’s time: the Takamtakamo kickstarter.jpgo Universe online game project has started its Kickstarter effort. My novel Empire’s Rift is the centerpiece of this event, the linchpin story for the fictional world of the game universe.

Best part is, I finished the sequel, tentatively titled Strife’s Cost, on Sunday afternoon. One rough draft done.

Please support the Kickstarter however you can. There’s a lot of options, and great perks!

Kickstarter campaign launched!

Legendary science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson, author Steve Rzasa, WordFire Press, and the makers of Takamo Universe join forces to transform the Takamo game universe into written word.
You can help bring classic science fiction into the world of sci fi video games by supporting the publication, distribution, and promotion of the first novel in the “Kevin J. Anderson Presents” series: Empire’s Rift by Steve Rzasa.
We need as many backers as possible to support us within the first few days. Please click here – – to pledge now. Thank you!
 Perks include:
• Ebook of Empire’s Rift
• 11x 17 art prints
• Paperbacks of Empire’s Rift
• Online Q&A with authors
• Autographed paperbacks
• Book by Kevin J. Anderson autographed hard copy
• Your name in a future Takamo Universe story
• Skype meet and greet
• Your name in a future Kevin J. Anderson book
• Complete signed set of Dune hardcovers
• Signed Empire’s Rift Manuscript
Randy Ritnour
CEO Takamo Universe

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