Interview on 307NetRadio

Mark Bentley of 307NetRadio interviewed me this morning about my upcoming projects.

As mark astutely says, with me, it’s hard to figure out what my latest project is, because I always have something in the works.

Speaking of works:

The Word Endangered releases in paperback Friday, Oct. 14. I’m planning a Goodreads giveaway, which will go active then.

I’m doing a book signing in my town, Buffalo, Wyoming, on Friday, Oct. 28, for The Word Endangered and Empire‘s Rift. Speaking of Empire’s Rift, the Kickstarter is progressing beyond the original goal, but with 47 days to go, there’s still plenty to raise for the stretch goals – including the new $4,500 goal which will produce an audio version of Empire’s Rift.

I recently submitted Airfoil: Origins to a couple of publishers, after tweaking the manuscript.

Man Behind the Wheel, a near-future sci-fi about a pursuit specialist in an America where it’s illegal to drive, is being edited.

I’m planning out a short story for entry into the planned Humans Wanted anthology. The premise is excellent, and the story I’m working on is based in the same alternate timeline as For Us Humans.

Whew! Busy is an understatement. Anyway, check out the interview! It’s a long one, at almost an hour, but it’s worth dropping in for even short stretches to hear what’s going on.

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