Rescue aliens in ‘Bail Out’

Bail Out Cover Front (1250x2000) (500x800).jpgMy short story Bail Out: A Human Interventions Job is up for grabs on Amazon. It’s a concept I came up with as part of an anthology submission, but it didn’t get accepted for the mix, so me being me I went ahead and published it.

“Rycole aliens hire Captain Todd Nazaryan and the crew of the starship Chesapeake to retrieve the lost complement of an exploratory vessel. It’s all in a day’s work for the five members of Human Interventions as they risk their necks to finish the jobs other species of the Panstellar Consociation won’t do…

“The ones only human beings will get done.”

Bail out takes place in the same story world established in For Us Humans. An alien federation brings Earth into the fold after first contact in June 2001, setting up an alternate timeline in which 9/11 never happened. Humans are taking their first steps into a wider galaxy.

I also put together a paperback version, which includes sketches not found in the e-book. Why? Because I wanted one to keep on myself, being a physical book aficionado. The paperback’s Amazon entry will be linked to the ebook in a few days. It’ll make a great stocking stuffer – seriously, you can roll it up. I tried.

In other writing news, I completed a short story set in The Bloodheart universe that I’m editing this week. Writing continues, albeit at a slower pace, because I’m involved in a community production of And Then There Were None. That’s right, I’m in a play.

My evolution beyond high school introvert continues!


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