Year in Review: A Tale of Five Stories

Before I get too far, I’m looking ahead. What’s coming up in 2017? Several things. You know me: there’s never just one project.

  1. Publication of Man Behind the Wheel, a sci-fi novel set in a near future USA where it’s illegal to drive
  2. Preparing an outline for a third Takamo novel
  3. Edits of Airfoil: Hotspots, a short story which will be featured in a February/March anthology published by Crossover Alliance
  4. (Possible) publication of Airfoil: Origins, the novel that inspired the short story
  5. Edits and eventual publication of the second Takamo novel, Strife’s Cost
  6. Writing a sequel to The Bloodheart, a sequel to For Us Humans, an urban fantasy/scifi/superhero novel called Starspike, and a doppelganger story

Whew! Yeah, I’ll be busy. But that’s the fun part. The goal is to get The Lightningfall (sequel to The Bloodheart) done first, while likely writing bits of other books. Of course, there’s also several other project ideas floating around.

Okay, so back to 2016. Here’s what happened in my writing world this year.

Empire’s Riftempires-rift-front-388x600

I finished the manuscript for the first novel in the Takamo Universe, and saw it published by WordFire Press/Kevin J. Anderson Presents in October. (Actually started writing in December 2015, but hey, close enough.) It’s now listed in the Baen catalog. That’s pretty exciting! There’s a sequel coming up in 2017, tentatively titled Strife’s Cost, that chronicles the continuing adventures of several primary characters.

God, Robotgod-robot_960-375x600

Back in April, Castalia House published this e-book anthology about religious robots. It’s meant to pay homage to Asimov’s I, Robot, and I think accomplishes the goal nicely. My short story is Daily Bread and tackles a problem with one of the faithful – how to deal with the Lord’s Supper/Communion.

For Us Humansforushumans2-388x600

This novel was a work in progress for nearly three years. It finally came to fruition in May, when I published it through Amazon/Createspace. Funny, Mitt Romney is the president seeking re-election in the background of the story world, but I never would have guessed how the real election was going to turn out six months later. An alternate timeline in which our world is part of an alien federation seems less strange.

The Word Endangered3-0wordendangerednew-388x600

Seven years ago, Marcher Lord Press launched my writing career with the publication of The Word Reclaimed. After a five-year hiatus from that story universe, I returned readers to The Face of the Deep series with The Word Endangered. It follows the adventures of a surveying ship and its crew as they face a new threat to the interstellar Realm of Five, 10 years after the events depicted in the original novels. Writing this one at the end of 2015–and then seeing it published this fall–was like visiting long-lost friends, and if I get another chance to go back to see them, I’ll be quite happy.

bail-out-cover-front-1250x2000-500x800Bail Out

This short story takes place in the same universe as For Us Humanssix months later. The captain and crew run a planet-hopping company with the goal of helping alien species where only humans can get the job done. I hope to spin it off into a novel at some point.

As always, thanks to all my readers, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come next!


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