Back on track

These go in The Lightningfall, for one of the antagonists. Not for use while writing.

November and December were slow months for me, writing-wise. I wrote up a short story based in The Bloodheart universe, and worked on edits for a couple projects, but basically was bouncing from thing to thing without focus. It was like I said, “Oh, good idea, let’s become a human Ping-Pong ball for a while!”

Fun for creativity? Yes. Good for productivity? No.

So, I did the New Year’s Resolution thing. I picked one project and dedicated to writing 5 pages a day on it. I cheated and started prior to my birthday, after Christmas.

Success! Got back on track.

I’ve written approximately 20,000 words since Christmas. Huzzah! Every page typed is a page closer to finishing The Lightningfall, which is the sequel to The Bloodheart.

Doesn’t mean I’m not taking notes on my other projects–and some days, yes, making yourself write is a pain. But it’s always worth it at the end of those five pages.



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