More fantasy, please

Word count update: today I hit the 60,000 word mark for The Lightningfall, the sequel to The Bloodheart. Marked the occasion by playing this game:

Throwing swords since 1986.

And hey! What a stopping point for the night. The bad guys faced a tremendous reversal, right after the heroes suffered a critical blow. Always nice to balance things out. (No spoilers of course, because spoilers are of the devil.)

I’m thoroughly enjoying this novel, since it marks a return to the only fantasy world I’ve created. There’s also a raft of new characters who liven up the proceedings, giving Captain Bowen Cord and his were-fox buddy Niall Phelan more than enough to keep them adventuring.

The story will raise some interesting questions for them, as well, when it comes to dealing with loss, revenge, and power.

As for the dragons, well, they may make an appearance – but something tells me there will be an entirely different kind of mystical creature waiting in the wings.



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