‘The Barn’: A superhero’s home

Saturday I gave a preview of Drake City, where my superhero Airfoil (aka Brandon Tusk) hangs his helmet.

(Note the word choice. He doesn’t have a cape, for obvious reasons.)

When I was planning his story, I knew he needed something else vital to a superhero’s existence: a base of operations.

I don’t recall how I found out about East Mountain, which lies north of Granby, Vermont, but once I saw the photos it was clear this was the perfect location for a superhero’s hidden base.


Special thanks to The Happy Hiker, who blogged about this five years ago. He visited East Mountain and took lots of excellent photos, which made it into my descriptions of The Barn.

According to an article in The Vermonter, East Mountain is home to the remains of what was first called the North Concord Radar Station (Air Force) in 1956. Later renamed the Lyndonville AFS, it operated until the Air Force closed it in 1963. Apparently it recorded some kind of UFO sighting in 1961.

More impressive its ghostly appearance these days. Both The Happy Hiker and a July 2016 article in The Bangor Daily News provide some amazing images.


It’s perfect. And since I already had a mountain right outside Drake City called Mount Stafford, it was a simple matter to stick a replica of this abandoned radar installation on its peak.

While The Barn does not appear in the upcoming Airfoil: Hotspots  short story, it does feature prominently in the yet-unpublished novel Airfoil: Origins.

Just goes to show that often the best solutions to a fictional character’s needs are sitting right in front of you in the real world.


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