Start your engines

Man Behind the Wheel is available everywhere on April 1, in ebook and paperback form, however, if you’re in Buffalo, Wyoming on March 17-18 I’ll have a pre-release batch at the Small Business Expo. That’s right, locals get their copy first!

Once again, cover artist Kirk DouPonce has worked his magic. Here’s the front for Man Behind the Wheel, my newest science-fiction novel:


The world of Man Behind the Wheel is new ground for me, taking place 50 years from now. All my previous works have either been set in the distant future (The Face of the Deep series), an alternate present (For Us Humans), or fantasy realms (The Bloodheart and the Sark brothers tales). It gave me room to play around with technologies that are either under development or purely hypothetical, yet within our reach.

It all started with one question: what if self-driving cars got so good, it became illegal for the vast majority of Americans to drive?

That immediately led to the following thought: Some people would break the law, so you’d need a select few who could drive, and drive well, to arrest the criminals.

That’s where Roman Jasko and his partner Aldrich Burns come in:

You do not have the right to drive.

Roman Jasko patrols the automated highways of 2067 America, watchful for illegal cars. He’s put on a robbery case that leads to a band of sophisticated thieves armed with stolen military technology.

Things take a turn for the worse when he discovers a personal connection to the thefts, and finds himself in the middle of a vicious attack. Suddenly, he’s stuck on the wrong side of the laws he upholds.

Rome will have to use all his skills to avoid every obstacle in his path, and determine the quickest route to the truth.



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