Bringing ‘The Bloodheart’ to life

Money burns a hole in your pocket. I don’t care how much money, it just does – especially when it’s a present.

I had the last $5.34 from a gift certificate to an art store in Casper, Wyoming, begging to be spent, so our last trip to the “big city” – 111 miles away with 55,000 people – found me prowling the isles in search of just the right thing.

As some of you may have seen, I located a pack of postcards.

These were thick, textured watercolor paper, perfect not only for painting but for sketching and inking. My pens didn’t bleed through at all.

So, what to create?

With the end of my first draft of The Lightningfall a couple days away, I wanted to revisit its predecessor, The BloodheartI started off with – naturally – Bowen Cord, the hero and main character. From there, I amassed quite the collection of drawings over the past few weeks.

Captain Bowen Cord
Niall Phelan
Ariya Stormquill



These are quick sketches, not as detailed as some of the character portraits I’ve done in the past two years. Part of the reason is the size – when you’re dealing with 4 x 6 postcard, there’s very little room to work with, especially for someone like me who’s used to larger drawing spaces.

Doing these sketches helped focus my writing over the past few weeks as I honed in on the finale of The Lightningfall. In some ways, it’s a very familiar book and sequel to The Bloodheart, yet is also quite different in terms of the journey the old and new characters take.

Enjoy this glimpse into a fantasy world.


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