For Us Humans

“Hey. My name’s Caz Fortel.ForUsHumans2

“I’m thirty, good looking, and a great liar. In fact, that’s my job: to lie to people who steal works of art, and get them back. Then one day I get the big call from the FBI: a million bucks, to recover a stolen statue with huge cultural value.

“Downside: my partner has an unhealthy interest in Jesus, an interest I’ve tried really hard to erase from my own life. Also, that partner is an alien with four arms and a tremendous sense of smell.

“Welcome to 2016.

“See, the Panstellar Consociation is the boss now, of all the Earth and everything that goes on the solar system. Aliens showed up ten years ago and made us a deal: join us as a protectorate and we’ll leak you tech secrets, pay you real well. All so they could set up a warp tunnel in orbit.

“It’s their statue. They want the whole job kept quiet.

“Or Earth could be in very, very big trouble.”

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