Short Fiction


God, Robot – includes Daily Bread by Steve Rzasa

It is the year 6080 AD. Detective Theseus Hollywell has at last discovered the hiding place of William Locke, a notorious fugitive from justice who has been hunted for decades after committing unspeakable crimes.

But Locke has a trick up his sleeve, one that the detective couldn’t expect: He has a story to tell.

This is the tale of the theobots, the robotic beings created to love God and neighbor with a perfection no human could achieve. In ten stories by eight different award-winning authors, Locke recounts the role of the theobots throughout history, from the purposes for which they were originally created to their ultimate role in deciding the fate of Man, the galaxy, and one lost and tortured soul.


redhorse900-375x600Riding the Red Horse – includes Turncoat by Steve Rzasa

The spectre of war once more looms on the global horizon. A new generation of writers and military theorists are addressing the new forms of warfare that now challenge the nation-state’s monopoly on war. Terrorism, technology, 4th Generation warfare, the decline of the Pax Americana, and the rise of China are among the issues contemplated by the 20 contributors to RIDING THE RED HORSE, the new annual anthology of military science fiction.

RIDING THE RED HORSE is a collection of 24 essays and short stories from technologists, military strategists, military historians, and the leading authors of military science fiction. From the Old Guard to the New, the anthology features some of the keenest minds and bestselling authors writing in the genre today. Three national militaries and three service branches are represented by the contributors, the majority of whom are veterans.



But Who Would Be Dumb Enough to Even Try It?

What happens when you bring seven different authors together and unleash them upon a single story? One wild adventure.

A band of thieves brought together by greed and a righteous calling seek to claim the ultimate token of evil from an ancient fortress. No one who has ventured into that cursed stronghold has returned, but the rewards are too great to pass up. And when this much is on the line, who would be dumb enough not to try?

But Who Would Be Dumb Enough to Even Try It? is a collaborative work of fiction by seven Marcher Lord Press authors.