Kesek – the secret police

Royal Stability Force – Koninklijke stabiliteitskracht (KSK or Kesek)

In the early 27th Century, there is one small emblem that all believers fear – the brass badge of the Royal Stability Force.

King Justice I, founder of the Great Realm, established the Royal Stability Force in 2387 immediately upon uniting Earth and Rozsada. Religiously-motivated strife wracked the colonies of both worlds, and their representatives in the Congress of Worlds had demanded a solution.

Congressional Representative Fin de Bruyn put forth the proposal for what he called Koninklijke stabiliteitskracht (Royal Stability Force). He drafted its proposed regulations, rank structure, and personally recruited potential officers. King Justice I rewarded him by making him the first Commissioner.

De Bruyn worked in tandem with the newly-created Crown Marshals to crack down on violent religious extremists, using the Charter for Religious Tolerance. But as the decades wore on, Kesek – as it became known – took more of a hard line. They soon banned all the major religious texts, starting with the Bible, and then moving to the Koran, Talmud, Vedas, and many others. At the same time, the Crown Marshals tracked down all manufacturers of “gray systems” –databases and computers not linked to the Reach network and not built by MarkIntech.

With the dissolution of the Crown Marshalls following the scandals of 2432-3, Kesek became the sole Royal law enforcement agency. It absorbed many of the Crown Marshals’ functions and officers.