‘Crosswind’ review

Crosswind-CoverGot a new review of Crosswind, at the Grogheads gaming website. Much thanks to Brant Guillory for taking the time to go as in depth as he did.


He’s right: it’s not Steampunk in the classic, Victorian, coal-in-everything version, but more based on a steam-powered technology that uses gasoline and primitive biodiesel. He appreciates this difference in his summary.

“It will definitely appeal to those readers who are fans of gadget-laden action yarns full of adventurous heroes, but readers looking for imperial airships soaring over coal-fired tenements are best advised to look elsewhere. And truthfully, it’ll be their loss, too, because Crosswind is a great read that I would heartily recommend and once I clear other reads from my queue, the next Sark Brothers tale is getting my attention.”


And as for the bit on typos, well, the publisher and I are looking into that. I suspect a mixup in epub files. Thankfully, the interwebz allows us to fix these things.


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