Interview at Leah’s Bookshelf

cazador for cover DONE.jpgI have a new interview up at the blog Leah’s Bookshelf. Leah had recently reviewed both The Word Reclaimed and The Word Unleashed, and I was more than happy to answer a few questions about The Face of the Deep and writing in general.

To update a few things that may or may not be mentioned in the interview, I received the macro edited version of The Word Endangered manuscript last week. It’s due back to my editor, Reagen Reed, by Jan. 24. And it will be done. Promise! Reagen has a great eye for logic errors and plot holes.

In other news, I’ve finished editing For Us Humans — again — and should have the InDesign document to Createspace and the cover info to Kirk DouPonce shortly. I’m aiming for a May release on that novel.

Another interesting development came up late this fall. Remember I’d been working up short stories in 2015 for the Takamo Universe game website that was under development? Well, I’m writing a novel for them to fill in some of the gaps of the universe history. Have to stay mum on the plot, but it’s a sci-fi story that should fit the bill nicely. It’s due in by the end of February, and I’m about a third of the way done.

Anything else?

Toying with some story concepts … oh, and writing a sequel to The Bloodheart, called The Lightningfall.

So, yes, busy and content to be so.

‘Send and Receive’ for Christmas

send and receive cover 1If you’re reading this, you signed up to follow my website, so thanks very much. And as a tangible gift of thanks, you get to be the first to read my new short story Send and Receive, set in the universe of The Face of the Deep series.

It explores a topic I’ve long been curious about since I started my fictional space opera universe: how do people communicate between distant star systems? In The Word Reclaimed and its sequel, everyone uses comms ferries that jump between systems, just like ships. Send and Receive gives you a peek into the life of one such comms ferry jockey named Vincent Chen, and as you’ll find out, it’s a life with its own set of challenges.

I hope you enjoy the story, and don’t forget The Word Endangered will be published in July 2016 by Enclave Publishing.

Merry Christmas.


‘The Bloodheart’ sale is on

BloodHeart_3DIt’s begun: The Bloodheart went on sale for $0.99 for the Kindle this morning.

It’ll stay that way until Christmas day, and then the price increases to $1.99. The normal price resumes on December 29, the author’s birthday.

And don’t forget, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it’s already free.

When you’re done reading, leave me an Amazon review, and post on Goodreads.

Thanks much, and Merry Christmas!


‘Crosswind’ review

Crosswind-CoverGot a new review of Crosswind, at the Grogheads gaming website. Much thanks to Brant Guillory for taking the time to go as in depth as he did.

He’s right: it’s not Steampunk in the classic, Victorian, coal-in-everything version, but more based on a steam-powered technology that uses gasoline and primitive biodiesel. He appreciates this difference in his summary.

“It will definitely appeal to those readers who are fans of gadget-laden action yarns full of adventurous heroes, but readers looking for imperial airships soaring over coal-fired tenements are best advised to look elsewhere. And truthfully, it’ll be their loss, too, because Crosswind is a great read that I would heartily recommend and once I clear other reads from my queue, the next Sark Brothers tale is getting my attention.”


And as for the bit on typos, well, the publisher and I are looking into that. I suspect a mixup in epub files. Thankfully, the interwebz allows us to fix these things.


“The Bloodheart” Christmas/Birthday Sale

BloodHeart_3DNeed a good book for the holidays?

You’re in luck. I’ve got one.

Well, technically, I have seven, but I’m putting The Bloodheart on sale from Dec. 22 through Dec. 29, 2015.

Why those dates?

One: I’d like you to have a thrilling fantasy adventure to read on your device come Christmas morning. Journey with Captain Bowen Cord and his motley crew as they search for a lost relic with the power to harness all magic.

Two: I’m celebrating my birthday on Dec. 29, as I do every year, and if I were getting a book for my birthday, I’d pick that one out of all seven.

So here’s how it works:

It’s a Kindle Countdown Deal.

  • $0.99 from midnight Dec. 22 to midnight Dec. 25
  • $1.99 from after midnight Dec. 25 to midnight Dec. 29
  • Back to the regular $2.99 price after midnight Dec. 29.

When you’re done reading, leave me an Amazon review, and post on Goodreads.

Thanks much, and Merry Christmas!

P.S. – If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it’s already free. So go for it!

‘For Us Humans’ gets its cover

So, it’s official–For Us Humans will be published this spring. I’m aiming for May 2016, with the goal of getting some ARCs out the door in January. If those go well, I may push the release up to April. Stay tuned.

The big excitement, of course, is that I got the cover from designer Kirk DouPonce last week, just after Thanksgiving. Happy holiday, indeed!

As per usual, Kirk nailed it:



Here’s the back cover copy of For Us Humans:

“My name’s Caz Fortel. I’m thirty, good looking, and a great liar. In fact, that’s my job: to lie to people who steal works of art, and get them back.

“Then one day I get the big call from the FBI: a million bucks, to recover a stolen statue with huge cultural value.

“Downside: my partner has an unhealthy interest in Jesus, an interest I’ve tried really hard to erase from my own life. Also, that partner is an alien with four arms and a tremendous sense of smell.

“Welcome to 2016.

“See, the Panstellar Consociation is the boss now, of all the Earth and everything that goes on the solar system. Aliens showed up ten years ago and made us a deal: join us as a protectorate and we’ll leak you tech secrets, pay you real well. All so they could set up a warp tunnel in orbit.

“It’s their statue. They want the whole job kept quiet.

“Or Earth could be in very, very big trouble.”



The end

TWE sketch 2015

This early sketch from the story’s genesis this spring was a scene I couldn’t erase from my head: the hero, alone on a new world, comes across the wreck of a starship.

The past few months have been, from a writing standpoint, arduous.

I’ve held myself to a challenge to write at least 5 pages every day and, by and large, I’ve done so. There’s been days where I’ve pounded out far more, and a few days missed.

Today, I finished the first draft of The Word Endangered, the direct follow-up to The Word Reclaimed and The Word Unleashed, taking place ten years later.

The total is thus: since Sep. 1, I’ve written 111,192 words, or almost 433 pages, bringing the total word count to 137,856.

This is the most productive I’ve ever been on a project, even taking short stories and flash fiction into account. What’s most exciting to me is wrapping up the journey my heroes and villains have taken, and getting to see the changes their experiences have wrought.

Bear with me as I decompress over the next few days, and I’ll have an updated summary/back cover blurb for the book. For now, enjoy the sketch that provided inspiration over the months.


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