The “I Didn’t Win A Hugo” Sale!

This was going to go one of two ways: either my short story Turncoat would receive a Hugo Award or it wouldn’t. No need to add anything more to the thousands upon thousands of words written about the Hugo controversy from both sides – which, ironically, probably total enough of a tome to complete a sci-fi trilogy. Which is why I spent the intervening months from nomination to award night writing fiction rather than commentary.

To commemorate my fleeting appearance in Hugodom, I’m holding the “I Didn’t Win a Hugo Sale” beginning this week. It’s by no means a petulant title, simply factual; if I had won, it would have been the “I Won A Hugo Sale.”

What’s up for grabs?QM_AMD_900

      1. One complete set of The Face of the Deep universe, autographed: The Word Reclaimed, The Word Unleashed, and Broken Sight, the last of which won the 2010 ACFW Carol Award for Speculative Fiction. Sale Price: $35, shipping included.
      2. Six copies of Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted in limited edition hardcover. I say “limited edition” because AMD is only available in e-book form at this time; the hardcovers are from the brief run AMD had with Marcher Lord Hinterlands before Castalia House acquired the right. Sale Price: $17, shipping included.
      3. Two copies of The Bloodheart, my newly-published fantasy novel. Sale Price: $11, shipping included.

Yeah, it’s a limited stock, but that’s what I have on the shelf of my in-house “store” at the moment!

Also, my apologies but if you want me to ship internationally it will cost extra based on nation of origin.

Email me at my contact page to get yours before they’re gone.

Word count update: Stories abound

airfoil in flight 1For a while this spring I assumed I’d only have one project going: namely, the sequel to the superhero novel Airfoil which I finished in April. But the ideas bursting out of my head always have other plans.

So I decided to just roll with whatever project strikes my fancy, whenever I get ideas for them. It’s resulted in my having written approximately 63,000 words on five different things between mid-April and now. A summary:

  1. FOTD IV – 26,000 words or about 100 pages – I know, it’s a big clunky acronym, but it’s the placeholder I’m using for the follow up to The Word ReclaimedThe Word Unleashed, and Broken Sight (making it technically Face of the Deep Four). This one features a surveyor named Zarco Thread and his ace pilot and wife, Ria. Of course, many of the characters from the old series will reappear and figure centrally in the plot.
  2. Airfoil: Masks – 12,000 words or 48 pages – The sequel picks up a few months after the finale of Airfoil:Origins and has librarian-turned-superhero Brandon Tusk grappling with some huge problems and some big enemies. Plus, there’s hints his high-profile crimefighting has spawned imitators.
  3. Bounty Hunter – 1,100 words – This is an idea I got this week: a sci-fi story set in the same universe as For Us Humans (the as-yet-unpublished tale of aliens and art theft.) The goal is a quick, action-packed novella about a bounty hunter named Lee Vitagliano and his adventures in the interstellar Consociation, where humans are decidedly at the bottom of the social and legal food chain.
  4. Bloodheart 2 – 2,200 word – Yes, you read correctly. There will be a sequel to The Bloodheart.

Math geniuses out there may have noticed this count is 20,000 words short of 63,000. That’s because the missing amount is wrapped up in six short fiction pieces I wrote for the Takamo Universe online game, which I mentioned couple weeks ago. Some have been featured on their website, and others stored as encyclopedia entries. I’m due to produce a short story again, marking my seventh contribution, sometime this month.


Stay tuned for more news regarding the Hugo Awards and all their infamy.

Back to space opera

MarcherLordShip_NATALIA_ZOJALately I’ve returned to the realm of deep space for my science fiction, inspired by the short fiction I’ve been commissioned to write. My most recent projects include a smattering of short stories and what I term encyclopedia entries for the Takamo Universe, an online game that’s reviving the play-by-mail game from the 1980s of the same name. It’s been great fun, having been given free reign to create nations and characters for inclusion in this massive galaxy.

The Takamo Universe creators posted a two part short story, Patrol Craft 606, on their site. It deals with a military unit from the nomad nation of Albion, the origins of which I wrote back in May. Very much enjoyed the quick write on these, and look forward to adding more to this sci-fi universe.

You can take a peek at Part One and Part Two for a quick read.

The same projects also prodded me to do something I’d been pondering for a couple years now: a return to the galaxy described in The Face of the Deep books and Broken SightSo I dug up story ideas and half-finished character sketches, balled them together, and presto! Five chapters and nearly 20,000 words later, the followup has begun. No idea yet on a title, but it takes place 10 years after the events of The Word Reclaimed and The Word UnleashedYou’ll meet new characters and revisit old favorites (of mine, and possibly yours) on an adventure that once again spans the galaxy.

No ETA on this one. I’m editing For Us Humans, the alien art theft project as I call it, and also the Airfoil superhero novel. It’s anybody’s guess as to what will get done first, but I’m betting the alien one gets into print before the rest.

“The Bloodheart” giveaway started

BloodHeart_3DSo, the first giveaway of the summer is up. Swing by Goodreads and put your name in for a chance to win an autographed copy of The Bloodheart. Drawing ends August 4.

After that, if you aren’t the winner, I’ll have autographed copies for purchase.

Remember, it’s the print edition of The Bloodheart that contains the afterword and original illustration that inspired the novel.

Signup available

BloodHeart_3DTook me a while to get around to this. Stop by The Face of the Deep and follow my blog so you can stay up to date on the latest writing news. Drop your name in the form at right to subscribe.

What’s new?

Two book giveaways starting in July.

One for my new released, The Bloodheart — a signed copy of the print book, which includes the original sketch for the flyinglands. That sketch isn’t available in the eBook.

QM_AMD_900The second is for Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted. See, you can’t get this one anywhere as a hardcover novel these days. When it was originally published, Marcher Lord Press made it available as such. But now? Limited edition.

The best way to get in line for these is by watching my blog. I’ll be on vacation to a distant land soon, and keep everyone apprised.

‘Bloodheart’ takes flight

It’s here! The Bloodheart is available in e-book form from AmazonBloodHeart_3D

The paperback version is online, too, from Amazon and in the CreateSpace e-store.

It’s been an interesting journey from vague concept to flesh-and-blood adventure. I wrote The Bloodheart in between working on a couple of other projects, and have amassed fond memories of writing key scenes while on work-related road trips and family vacations. Discussing plot elements with a friend was also a highlight.

I should admit that there’s a special bonus for readers who buy the paperback: an afterword that describes the genesis of The Bloodheart, and the original piece of art I drew two and a half years ago that inspired the entire book. Don’t get me wrong, I think e-books are amazing technology, but I’ve always been partial to the real deal.


(And an alert for readers who squirm at profanity: this is not an explicitly Christian novel, meaning, it would not fit in with the CBA publishing “rules.” As such, there are occurrences of mild profanity, and at least one strong expletive. Let’s call it rated PG-13 vs. the rest of my work, excepting Quantum Mortis, which fits rated R.)

‘The Bloodheart’ Update

I must say, my favorite part of self-publishing a book is getting the proof copy in the mail. It arrived this afternoon, about 24 hours earlier than expected, which is also a bonus.


The Bloodheart will be available within the next month, though I have yet to set a date. We have a family vacation coming up at the beginning of July, so it’s more a matter of whether or not I want to deal with the release in the weeks prior or the weeks after. Good thing is, I have no deadline.

Special thanks to Kirk DouPonce of DogEared Design for the cover. It’s simply fantastic.

I’ll add a page about The Bloodheart, complete with its map of the Cities of the North, posted here soon. Meanwhile here’s the back cover promo:

The world is gripped by magic. Islands soar. Ships fly.

And whispers abound: the Bloodheart.

Long has it remained dormant, hidden from the dark forces that would tap its power.


Bowen Cord seeks only treasure, and despises his heritage as an ice-summoner. Magic could not prevent his wife’s death. What allegiance, then, should he owe it?

When he learns of a priceless relic abandoned in the ruins of a floating island, he leaps at the chance to earn a fortune. Small matter to take with him an orphan boy who hails from the same isle—yet the boy is a mystery, and from their first meeting Bowen knows not whether his presence is a boon or a curse.

But when a king’s ruthless agent pursues them, threatening his stalwart crew and ship, Bowen is thrown into a quest for something far greater than treasure. He must harness the ice and confront enemies far more powerful than any he’s ever faced.

There is no return from his path. It ends only with the answer to one question:

Who controls magic?


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