‘Turncoat’ receives nomination for Hugo Award

The news is official: Turncoat, my short story featured in the Riding the Red Horse anthology of military science fiction and fact, has been nominated for a 2015 Hugo Award for Best Short Story. You can click on Turncoat anywhere in this post to read it.

You’ll remember Riding the Red Horse was released in December 2014 and has since garnered excellent reviews. My short story chronicles an artificial intelligence that serves the integrated man-machine forces in their interstellar uprising against humanity, set after Quantum Mortis: A Programmed Mind and centuries before the events of Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted and Gravity Kills. 

I’d seen Turncoat listed on the Rabid Puppies slate posted by Vox Day, and was pleased to read positive comments from folks who’d enjoyed reading it. Despite feeling confident about the quality of the story, I was surprised when I received the email a couple weeks ago informing me of the nomination.

You can see the full list of Hugo nominees here.

The Hugo Awards will be announced Aug. 23 at the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention or Sasquan 2015 in Spokane, Wash. I plan to be there.

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